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The above symptoms are more pronounced with increasing physical activity. In some cases, anhidrosis is diagnosed in separate areas (armpits, forehead, arms, groin). With profuse sweating, the site of Furosemide of inflammation remains dry. The acute course of the disease is marked by an increase in temperature (from 37 to 39 degrees) and dehydration in the body (increased thirst, dry mucous membranes).

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In the absence of treatment, anhidrosis acquires a generalized form with the following symptoms: Increased heart rate; The appearance of convulsive seizures; Severe redness of the skin at the site of the lesion; A sharp increase in temperature up to 40 degrees; Breathing at a fast pace.

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What the disease looks like in the photo. The presented photo clearly shows the damage to the skin with anhidrosis due to excessive dryness. This disease can lead to the development of Lasix dermatological diseases, therefore, it requires timely and proper treatment. In order to avoid the development of negative consequences, timely diagnosis and the use of effective means to eliminate the disease that has arisen are important. Provoking factors and causes.

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The appearance of characteristic signs of an acute nature requires an immediate visit to a doctor who will conduct the necessary studies and prescribe appropriate treatment.


In medical practice, an acquired and congenital form of anhidrosis is distinguished. The development of the disease is most often diagnosed in old age.


The occurrence of pathology can have a different nature of origin: Functional as a result of the presence of strong physical exertion; Neurotic with constant stress and nervous disorders; Toxic in case of poisoning with harmful substances due to their accumulation in the body; Traumatic with mechanical damage to the body; Atrophic and asthenic origin.


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